Posted on 01/09/2015 by Nick Rowan MEng IEng MIED

The launch of CTPD – Chartered Technological Product Designer – and celebration of the IED’s 70th anniversary provided an excellent opportunity for the GYM Group to meet a full range of IED members, from respected Fellows to industry experts, distinguished guests to even the occasional previous tutor; and, of course, our patron HRH Prince Philip and our president Maggie Philbin. Nick Rowan MEng IEng MIED fondly recounts an evening not likely to be forgotten

The setting for this celebration was St James’s Palace, just off the Mall in London; it was as impressive as I was expecting and more. After relinquishing our phones, we were led up a grand staircase towards the official reception room where we were met with a sea for familiar and friendly faces. We had the opportunity to catch up and network before HRH Prince Philip arrived.

Wonderful canapés and drinks were served throughout, of which I must confess we probably had more than our fair share. Then, with all the ceremony the event deserved, HRH arrived. In true fashion, he regaled us with the former use of our current location, a hospital for leprous women, then assuring us this was a very long time ago!

He went on to present the first CTPD awards to their deserving recipients, taking the opportunity to tease the academics that ‘those who can, do’, while ‘those who can’t, teach’ and even adding some of his own personal thoughts about how Jaguar could improve their new cars. Being the patron of the IED, he spoke of how proud he was of the Institution and the great work all of its members do, before taking to the floor and personally greeting each attendee.

This was an extremely special experience and one that I will treasure throughout my career. After HRH took his leave, the celebration continued, with many members catching up with past colleagues and making future friends.

At the end of the evening, not even the inconvenience of the dreaded Tube strike could dampen the mood. This was an amazing opportunity and, once again, from all the members of the GYM Group, our thanks for affording us the opportunity to celebrate our Institution’s past and future in such a grand setting.


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