GKN to lead £30m wing project

Posted on 01/03/2015 by IED

A national research programme – aimed at bringing the latest aircraft wing design, manufacture and assembly technologies to market – is being launched by GKN Aerospace.

Taking place over a 27-month period, it will produce test demonstrators to validate the maturity of key manufacturing technologies for aircraft wings. Specifically, the VIEWS (Validation and Integration of Manufacturing Enablers for Future Wing Structures) programme will: identify and define future manufacturing requirements to produce novel wing architectures; assess tools that will improve product and process design and enhance the flow of production; progress emerging composite and metallic manufacturing and assembly technologies and processes; and study innovative inspection and repair tools.

The £30 million programme involves 13 partners, including Bombardier, Spirit, GE Aviation, the National Composites Centre, the Manufacturing Technology Centre and the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre.


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