Posted on 01/01/2015 by GYM

It is nearly nine months since a group of volunteers sat down at Courtleigh and agreed to get more involved in the IED. We have since been welcomed with open arms by all parts of the IED and recently attended the Engineering Design Show, hosting a workshop for professional registration and membership for interested graduates and students.

Always keen to increase involvement and engagement in the IED, GYM has been invited to observe the last Council meeting, was involved in the assessment and award of the first CTPD accreditations, and had direct input into the potential journal redesign.

With all this activity, we are always on the lookout for enthusiastic volunteers wishing to make a difference in the Institution. This can be anything from running the group as chairperson to simply writing an article as a graduate or young member for these pages. As always, if you'd like to get involved, please get in touch at


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