Light inside the tunnel

Posted on 01/05/2015 by IED

Commuters and pedestrians using the new King’s Cross foot tunnel are now being greeted by HALFLIFE – an immersive, durational light installation created by award-winning design practice Speirs + Major.

Delivered in association with the King's Cross Central Partnership developer Argent, HALFLIFE is a site-specific work using the medium of light to synthesise a digital journey through light and colour. Creating an experiential and dynamic adjunct to the moving traffic that inhabits the space on a daily basis - an evolutionary experience where no one moment is ever the same.

HALFLIFE is built upon a construct of digital, ordered cycles building from light to dark and beginning with bold, dramatic steps gradually becoming calmer until they dissolve ghost like - leaving just a trace of the light that has been - before the sequence resets itself to reveal an altogether new cycle.


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