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Posted on 01/05/2018 by IED

Pete Lomas HonFIED, co-creator of hugely successful Raspberry Pi computers, is soon to take on a vital role within the IED

Pete Lomas HonFIED, co-founder and Trustee of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, a UK-based charity that aims to put the power of computing and digital making into the hands of people all over the world, will be the IED’s next President.

The foundation provides the low-cost Raspberry Pi computers that people use to create, learn and have fun. It encourages young people to acquire computing and digital making skills through compelling learning resources and a thriving network of volunteer led clubs, competitions and events, regularly reaching over 200,000 children worldwide. This is coupled with training and support for educators and parents alike.

In the weeks leading up to release of the first Raspberry Pi computer, over 30,000 eager potential users had downloaded the operating system software. Today, worldwide sales stand at over 19 million units and the profits used to pursue the educational mission.

On accepting the invitation to the role of IED President, Lomas said: “I’m hugely honoured to be asked to be the next President of the IED. I have been fortunate with my work at Raspberry Pi to be able to focus on encouraging children to ‘leave the screen behind’, and become involved with physical design and construction, whilst developing an understanding of how electronics and computers can be used effectively in their digital maker projects. Watching the transition of young digital consumers to creators and designers is a satisfying and humbling experience.”

Creative success in the modern world demands the skills of an integrated engineering team, with knowledge of structural materials through to User Interface design, working together to develop innovative solutions in fields as diverse as architecture, transportation, consumer goods and power generation. Today, electronics and computation permeate almost every aspect of the physical and social environment, and have become a key element of many of these innovative projects.

All of this is clearly an inspiration to Lomas, who adds: “I look forward to helping the IED promote its mission over the coming years and especially in this ‘Year of Engineering’, where it is critical that we expose the wealth of exciting career opportunities that exist within design and engineering as a whole. Our young digital makers of today have the potential to become the innovators, engineers and product designers of tomorrow. They just need our support – their ideas will inspire them and they will achieve their dreams.”

3M Academy programme launch

Pete Lomas was the headline speaker at an event launching the Global Technical Learning Academy’s 2018 programme that offers members of the 3M technical community 47 learning opportunities in 23 different subject areas.

As well as talking about the creation of the credit card-sized computer that has travelled into space (during Tim Peake’s Principia mission on the International Space Station), he hosted an open inspiration event where he showcased some of the latest Raspberry Pi applications and chatted to 3Mers.


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