Miliband vows to boost number of female engineers

Posted on 01/01/2015 by IED

Thousands of female engineers will be trained up as part of a national mission to get Britain building again, Labour leader Ed Miliband has announced. Writing on Facebook, he said that Britain's lack of female engineers should be a "matter of national embarrassment", as he called for an extra 400,000 people to be trained in the profession by the end of the decade.

"In 2013, only 14% of engineering graduates were women," he pointed out. "And only 4% of professionally registered engineers are female. The next Labour government will seek to put the UK back at the forefront of invention, technology and engineering with a national mission to create an extra 400,000 engineers by 2020. We are determined to make it happen. And we have a plan to make it happen.

"If we are going to win the race to the top in the 21st century, we have to re-establish our historic reputation as a world leader in technology and manufacturing," he wrote. "We need to equip our businesses with the skills they need to succeed."


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