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Posted on 12/11/2016 by IED

CPD is understood across most professions as the systematic acquisition of knowledge and skills, and the development of personal qualities to maintain and enhance professional competencies.

As a member of a professional body, you have signed up to a Code of Conduct that states you will take all reasonable steps to maintain and develop professional competence by attention to new developments in science, technology and design that are relevant to your field of professional activity.

Many Chartered professions are required to provide evidence of CPD and it is now a requirement for all Engineering Council registrants to have their CPD records ready for an annual check by their professional body.

From January 2017, we will be requesting that all members active in the design profession have their CPD records available for audit and we will be selecting a random 10% of members’ records for this purpose.

....and here’s what your CPD evidence needs to show

The IED takes the view that CPD should be a reflective, outcome-based activity and not necessarily made up of proscribed activities.

CPD can consist of training courses, seminars, professional activities such as mentoring/assessing or formal education and keeping up to date by reading technical journals.

Some members will have CPD records completed for their employer which will be acceptable to the IED.

Records of your CPD activity can easily be submitted to the IED via the MyCareerPath tool, which is available on each member’s personalised area of the IED website.

Please keep an eye out for an email or letter in January 2017 to inform you if you have been randomly selected to submit a CPD record.


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