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Each issue of the IED journal includes some thoughts and observations from the Chair of Council. These are all listed below, in date order. They can be sorted via content subject by using the categories in the left hand list.

In the beginning…

Every design can trace its history back to an idea, muses Colin Ledsome CEng FIED

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Slow food (for thought)

How will passenger car speed limits affect design, enquires Colin Ledsome CEng FIED

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The new trend of innovation

The definition of design must evolve with the times, argues Colin Ledsome CEng FIED

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Discovering what we need

Like many areas of human endeavour, design requires prioritising competing demands. Colin Ledsome CEng FIED offers his way

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Moonwalk: 50 years on

Half a century ago, man first walked on the Moon. Colin Ledsome CEng FIED looks back to a time of momentous achievement

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Embracing the planet

Pollution and its impact on the environment are altering the way we approach design, as Colin Ledsome CEng FIED points out

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The write stuff

Students seem to have lost much of the dexterity they used to have, affecting their ability to write, draw and perform for surgery. Colin Ledsome CEng FIED offers a way forward

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CPD – why it matters so much

Chair of the IED Colin Ledsome focuses on Continuing Professional Development and the learning experiences that it can bring to any career

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Getting the knowledge

Chair of the IED Colin Ledsome focuses on the IED’s main conference activity – Engineering and Product Design Education (E&PDE) – and the role it plays as a powerful information source for members

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How change means fresh opportunity

New Chair of the IED Colin Ledsome considers ways in which the membership can help take the Institution to the next all-important level

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