My eighteenth and last ‘View’!

Posted on 01/07/2018 by IED

Tania Humphries-Smith looks back on her three years as Chair and the progress achieved collectively by the IED on that journey

Three years and 18 ‘Views’ later, I reach the end of my time as Chair of Council. When I took on this role, I set out my trio of objectives: publicise the benefits of finally having a professional qualification at Chartered level to the Product Design profession develop the income portfolio of the IED to ensure a sustainable future get more members involved/build a closer relationship with members.

I would like to believe that we have made progress on all these fronts. Since decoupling membership from registration grades, membership is starting to grow and is also allowing a better discussion to take place with new members about the appropriate registration pathway. Our new Membership Secretary, Kim, has started visiting companies on a regular basis to discuss how Professional Registration for their employees can help their business.

We continue to promote the Institution as the only institution offering professional registration for Product Designers and accreditation of education provision in Product Design. We are also actively engaging with The Office for Product Safety and Standards to ensure the professional voice of Product Design is represented.

At the same time, we are actively progressing the development of the IED headquarters to ‘work harder’ for the Institution and ensure a sustainable future. We have, and continue to discuss, possible synergies with a number of other bodies related to product and engineering design. We have, of course, continued with our ‘business as usual’, such as securing a successful Licence Review by the Engineering Council, as well as moving our business forward by investigating degree apprenticeships and how the Institution may offer services as an end point assessor. So I feel a level of satisfaction with the current position of the Institution, but inevitably there is always more that can and should be done.

Finally, I would like to thank our CEO Libby and all the staff at IED HQ, many of whom have changed during the last three years, for their supportand willingness to assist me and all our members. I wish all the best to the incoming Chair, Colin Ledsome, and new Vice Chairs, Neil Phelps and Dave Castle. I hope they feel the same amount of satisfaction and enjoyment in these roles as I have. I’ve also enjoyed working with our outgoing President Maggie Philbin, who has actively promoted the Institution in a range of arenas and wish our incoming President Pete Lomas an enjoyable and successful term in office.


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