Two-Year Review

Posted on 01/07/2017 by IED

A trio of goals attained – now let’s look ahead to our next set of objectives

By the time you are reading this, the AGM of the IED (founded 1945) will be in motion at the Royal Institution (founded 1799) and I will have completed the normal term of office for a Chair of Council of two years. So, I thought it was timely to reflect upon the objectives that I set out in my second ‘View’ in this journal for my two-year term of office.

There were a trio of objectives:

  • To publicise the benefits of finally having a professional qualification at Chartered level to the Product Design profession
  • To develop the income portfolio of the IED to ensure a sustainable future
  • To get more members involved/build a closer relationship with members.

In reality, many activities undertaken relate to more than one objective, so members of IED HQ staff have undertaken a number of company visits. This has led to greater interest in CTPD (Chartered Technological Product Designer), as well as the other registration grades offered. We have now registered 32 CTPDs and are also on the way to registering our first RProdDes grade, which we introduced this year.

We have seen increasing numbers of applications for MIED, now decoupled from registration as agreed at last year’s EGM. This, in turn, is allowing a closer relationship to be developed between members on their way to registration and IED staff. The IED currently accredit 87 engineering courses and 74 product design courses across 44 FEIs/HEIs, thus giving us direct access to the next generation of members.

Meanwhile, we have reduced the operating costs of IED HQ and are part way through exploring various opportunities for developing our HQ Courtleigh to provide that sustainable future.

At the same AGM, I will be confirmed as Chair of Council for an unusual, though not unique, third year. The rationale for this is to ensure continuity in the actions being taken to ensure the future sustainability of the IED. The objectives for the next 12 months are to:

  • Seek outline planning approval for development of Courtleigh
  • Seek approval as End Point Assessor for Degree Apprenticeships – this will provide another income stream, but also put us in direct contact with potential future members
  • Undertake an increasing number of company visits, as they are proving to be the most effective way to recruit new members.

I very much hope that, when I am writing what will be my last column in one year’s time, I am able to report as much progress and development!


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