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Each issue of the IED journal includes some thoughts and observations from the Chair of Council. These are all listed below, in date order. They can be sorted via content subject by using the categories in the left hand list.

3D printing - the good, the bad and the ugly

IED Chair Tania Humphries-Smith takes a look into another dimension of engineering design

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Design thinking – everybody is doing it!

From primary ovarian insufficiency to improving psychological interventions, design thinking is making its mark. IED Chair Tania Humphries-Smith takes up the story

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Embracing Diversity

In a world where skills shortages are rampant, why are so many young people marginalised? asks IED Chair Tania Humphries-Smith

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It’s all change!!

Tania Humphries-Smith – on a post- Brexit UK, political upheaval and finding the right way forward on many fronts

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A very Quick year!!

Tania Humphries-Smith reflects on the highlights of her first year as IED Chair – and the many exciting challenges that now lie ahead for the institution

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New Membership Grades

IED Chair Tania Humphries-Smith looks at the changes that are now essential in order to keep the IED moving in the right direction, to the overall benefit of its membership.

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The future and PEIs

Change is inevitable and necessary, if Professional Engineering Institutions are to remain relevant and viable to those they serve, says IED chair Tania Humphries-Smith

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Preaching to the converted

Could engineering conversion courses be part of the solution to bridge the UK’s acute shortage of engineers? IED Chair Tania Humphries-Smith considers the arguments – and also the imperative

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Beyond the traditional

IED Chair Tania Humphries-Smith reveals exactly what she plans to focus on during her two-year term of office.

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A series of firsts

New IED Chair Tania Humphries-Smith, in her first column, flags up several recent landmark moments

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