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Each issue of the IED journal includes some thoughts and observations from the Chair of Council. These are all listed below, in date order. They can be sorted via content subject by using the categories in the left hand list.

My eighteenth and last ‘View’!

Tania Humphries-Smith looks back on her three years as Chair and the progress achieved collectively by the IED on that journey

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Reaching out to make a difference

Countless organisations are engaged in promoting engineering design and, more widely, STEM, says Tania Humphries-Smith. But there is so much more we can all do

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Female suffrage in the spotlight

One hundred years is clearly not long enough in design and engineering!

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It’s Our Year: hoorah!!

Might 2018 be a time when engineering finally takes its place in the spotlight once again?

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Reaching out to Outreach

How can young people seeking to enter engineering get sound careers advice? IED Chair Tania Humphries-Smith believes there is much that can be done by way of expert help and guidance

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My TeenTech Adventure!

TeenTech awards: a vital means of raising awareness of the wonderful careers to be had in engineering

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Two-Year Review

A trio of goals attained – now let’s look ahead to our next set of objectives

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Not skills shortages again!!!!

Engineering graduate supply continues to fall way below the levels needed – and the signs for the future are not encouraging

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3D printing - the good, the bad and the ugly

IED Chair Tania Humphries-Smith takes a look into another dimension of engineering design

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Design thinking – everybody is doing it!

From primary ovarian insufficiency to improving psychological interventions, design thinking is making its mark. IED Chair Tania Humphries-Smith takes up the story

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