KTN Metamaterials & Design Workshop
13 Jun

13 Jun to 13 Jun

On 15th June (10am-1pm), KTN is hosting an online Metamaterials Workshop focused on what design can bring in order to create a clearer and simpler definition of what metamaterials are and what they can do.

Metamaterials are synthetic composite materials that are engineered to deliver specific functionality and enhanced performance in products and devices. They have many benefits - from more accurate MRI scanning to faster communications (5G, 6G etc) and improved safety in automobiles. However, it is clear that these benefits are not widely understood, which is constraining the application and commercialisation of metamaterials in other products and sectors.

The workshop will focus on two main activities:

  • Understanding current metamaterial technologies and defining their function and application in the simplest possible terms.
  • Exploring new opportunities and applications for metamaterials - challenging assumptions on cost, manufacturing, scalability, and which industries they can be used in.

The outcomes will enable KTN and its collaborators to share a clear and simple message with industry stakeholders as to how metamaterials can add value to their businesses.

Who should attend and why?

KTN is inviting a small group of designers, investors, academic and industry technologists, end-users, entrepreneurs, and manufacturers to participate in this invite-only workshop.

Industrial and engineering designers will gain new insights into emerging metamaterial developments and possibilities, meet some of the key researchers and industrialists active in this field and be part of the UK’s drive to widen the use of these exciting materials.

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