Webinars @ SocEnv - Series 5: Climate Change - PART 4
26 May

26 May to 26 May

The fifth series of Webinars@SocEnv has the umbrella topic of "Climate Change". Four individual webinars for this series provide cross-disciplinary knowledge transfer opportunities for environmental professionals and beyond.

We hear from Chartered Environmentalists from professional bodies, universities and independent consultancies. Sub-topics under the umbrella theme include the relationship between climate change and global water security and the roles materials, Environmental Impact Assessment and land use professionals can and do play in tackling climate change.

While our CEnv speakers and those linked with their work are specialists in their field, they provide the perspectives from different sectors, which makes for an interesting debate. Each webinar includes a Q&A - with the opportunity to submit your questions prior to and during the webinar itself.

Find out more about the webinars in this series and book your place here.


Land Use Professionals and Net Zero
Who do you work with? The importance of networking for the good husbandry of our countryside.
By Ross Weddle CEnv - Principal, Immanent Associates Ltd

Job Opportunities Arising from Climate Change (Final Title TBC)
By Kirsten Rottcher CEnv - Independent Consultant, RoettcherKonsult


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