Chartered Environmentalist

Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv) Registration

The IED has become a fully licensed body of the Society for the Environment (, which means that suitably qualified and experienced members can be assessed for registration as Chartered Environmentalists (CEnv).

What is CEnv?

CEnv is a status which identifies the holder as a professional environmentalist, on a par with other Chartered professionals such as Chartered Engineers and Chartered Scientists.

How does it work?

The IED has become a licensed body of the Society for the Environment, the organisation which oversees the standards for and registration of CEnvs. This means the IED has set in place an assessment procedure to ensure that successful applicants have demonstrated that they meet the levels of education and/or experience required for registration and have met the thirteen competencies expected of a registered Chartered Environmentalist.

Why would CEnv be applicable to IED members?

Design is a major influence on environmental issues, including use of materials, 'cradle to grave' life cycles, recycling, use of energy, production of energy and so on. All engineering and product designers have to be aware of and work to legislation based on or incorporating sustainability and environmental issues. As a result, many members of the Institution should be eligible for registration as CEnv.

How do I apply?

To find out more about becoming a Chartered Environmentalist, click here where you will find more details, application information and guidelines.


For those who want to become a CEnv you should complete the application here, alternatively you can request an application form by contacting Linda on +44 (0) 1373 822801 or at A copy of the CEnv competencies that need to be met is linked here. Along with the completed application form, each applicant will need to submit a personal statement. This statement should be succinct (around 300 words), written in the first person and should demonstrate experience in environmental issues. This statement should clearly highlight where CEnv competencies have been met during work experience and/or academic study. An updated CV is also required, this needs to include your current job description.

Applications for CEnv registration are assessed by the Institution's Membership Committee who meet every month. If all paperwork submitted is in order and with clear emphasis on the environmental content of qualifications and work experience, the assessment will be straightforward and completed within a few weeks.


The application fee for CEnv is £140.00 (to be submitted with the completed paperwork). The initial registration fee for CEnv is £114.00 and subsequently every January there will be an annual registration fee of £74.00.

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