Non Standard Routes

Many applicants for membership and registration do not hold standard qualifications, but can apply via alternative routes. These include:

The ICR – Individual Case Route

The ICR is an assessment of qualifications by a specialist committee from the IED. Many cases involve examination of a package of wide ranging qualifications including NVQs, National Diplomas, non-accredited degrees and further learning. Candidates are often found to hold sufficient overall qualifications to meet requirements. On occasion, candidates are advised to carry out further study or to undertake the TRO or OU routes.

TRO – Technical Report Option

The TRO involves the candidate writing a Technical Report to explain how the competencies for membership and/or registration have been met through training and experience. Full support and guidance is given, including the provision of a mentor to help compile the report.

Guidance Notes are available Click here to download Technical Report Option - with logo 2.pdf [21kb]

Helpful Hints for the Click here to download Synopsis Helpful Hints June 13.pdf [15kb]

OU route – further study with the Open University

The OU route for further study can be useful for those candidates who would like to gain an academic qualification whilst also satisfying the educational requirements for membership and registration. The Open University BEng and MEng are both accredited by the Institution and existing qualifications can be counted as credits towards the degree. Further details can be found on the Open University website, or by contacting

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