Membership subscriptions are payable on election and a candidate's election will not be ratified unless they have paid their subscription for the current year. Thereafter the annual subscription shall be due and payable annually in January.

Application fee

Payment should be sent with the application form for new and upgrading members and those wishing to apply for professional recognition.

Professional Review fee

Payable when the applicant is sent for review and the interview is arranged.

Completion fee

Payable at the time the Engagement Form is signed and returned to the Institution, following notice that the applicant has been accepted as a member and/or professional registrant.

2021 Subscription rates & fees

Application and registration fees

Grade of Membership

Initial Application Fee

(assessment of application)

Professional Review Fee

(to cover the cost of volunteers conducting the interview)

Completion Fee

(to cover the cost of finalising membership and registration)

Fellow £90.00 Nil Nil
Member £100.00* Nil £90.00

- Full time

Nil Nil Nil
Registration £160.00* £160.00* £90.00

*If applying for Membership and Registration at the same time, one application fee of just £160.00 is payable.

Note: Application, Completion and Professional Review fees cover administrative costs of processing the application and are not refundable. However, they are paid in stages during the application process.

IED annual Subscriptions

IED Annual Subscriptions with effect from 1 January 2021 the annual subscription rates are:-

Grade of Membership Fee
Fellow £207.00
Member - first year £93.50
Member - second year £140.25
Member - after two years £187.00
Retired Member £57.30
OU Student £61.30
Affiliate £61.30
Student - Full time FREE

Engineering Council Registration

With effect from 1 January 2021 the registration fees for members whose names are on the Engineering Council's Register of Engineers are as shown below. These fees are collected with member's annual subscriptions.

Registration Grade Initial Annual
CEng - Chartered Engineer £53.20 £40.90
IEng - Incorporated Engineer £44.90 £34.70
EngTech - Engineering Technician £18.40 £19.90
Interim Stage £10.90 £14.60
Retired CEng Rate £18.50
Retired IEng Rate £15.40
Retired EngTech Rate £8.82

Product Design Registration

Registration Grade Initial Annual
CTPD - Chartered Technological Product Designer £53.20 £40.90
RProdDes - Registered Product Designer £44.90 £34.70

Registered CAD Professionals

Registration Grade Initial Annual
RCADMan - Registered CAD Manager £44.90 £34.70
RCP - Registered CAD Practitioner £18.40 £19.90

Society for the Environment Registration

Registration Grade Initial Annual
CEnv - Chartered Environmentalist £118.00 £74.00

Tax relief

The Inland Revenue have approved the Institution for the purpose of tax relief on subscriptions under Section 192 of the Income and Corporation Taxes Act 1970 (Ref: List 3B page 38, issue Dec 1991). Tax relief is also given on Engineering Council registration fees paid through the IED.

If you require a receipt please contact:

International members

There is a reduced rate of membership fees for those who work outside the UK and earn the local rate of pay.

Angola Ghana Malta Sierra Leone Uganda
Azerbajian Haiti Mexico Singapore Ukraine
Bahrain Hong Kong Montenegro Soloman Islands United Arab Emirates
Bangladesh India Morocco South Africa Vietnam
Botswana Indonesia Namibia Sri Lanka Yemen
Brazil Iran Nigeria Sudan Yugoslavia
Burma Jamaica Pakistan Swaziland Zambia
Cameroon Jordan Peru Syrian Arab Republic Zimbabwe
China Kenya Philippines Taiwan
Dominica Latvia Romania Tazania
Egypt Lesotho Russia Thailand
Ethiopia Malawi Saudi Arabia The Gambia
Fiji Malaysia Serbia Turkey

If you are resident in one of these countries and think you are entitled to a reduced rate subscription please contact or on +44 (0) 1373 822801.

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